Day 5

Posted by Kyle and Randee! , Monday, June 27, 2011 7:52 PM

Today we woke up at the same time as we did when we had conversation class because we wanted to walk to school and take our time and look around at all the shops. We took our time and saw many many shops, I am very impressed with the lack of mega business. CR has resisted, it seems, a lot of massive corporations moving in and taking over. Its so amazing to see all the local businesses on every corner selling local produce or locally made breads. Its not the packaged crap that we eat a home.I have had the best stomach I have had in a long long time.I love how fresh and real the food is. The people here are so kind and helpful I haven't me a single person who was even standoffish towards our obvious tourist selves.I have to say I couldn't be happier here. I love it here. Its so beautiful, my family and roommates are just amazing. I am learning so so much and to top it off I get to be here with the woman I love. Pura Vida por seguro!!
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Day 3

Posted by Kyle and Randee! 7:31 PM

 Today was Wednesday we had to be there early again we ate breakfast early, it was toast with jam with a local cheese it was so flipping good. We left to school and caught our usual crazy bus. It seemed especially  crazy today, fast and reckless. It was sweet. We had a good day at school, I cant believe how hard we dive into it We are moving at 90 miles an hour. I have to say it is really difficult but I kind of like it. I dont think I have studied one subject so intently at any time in my life.It has almost taught me the potential of the human mind. My vocab has already increased so much. Im so excited to see where Ill be in a few weeks. The food here is very unique, I say this tentatively because they don't, in my opinion have a intensely defined food tradition. Some of the dishes remind me of Mexican food but others are very very strange, almost plain. I dont know why, other than Casado I haven't really had any "uniquely" Costa Rican food. I hope to have the chance to try more dishes, with some more unique spice combinations and flavors.

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Day two! Tuesday 21st

Posted by Kyle and Randee! 6:54 PM

 Today we left for school at 8. Eduardo walked us to the bus stop and we waited for quite a while, 20 minutes or so. It finally came, the fair is less than a dollar, about 65 cents a trip. We arrived at school and had our orientation meeting where they explained the excursions and they was school is setup up. We have conversation classes twice a week for two hours and every day we have four hours of regular class. We hit the ground running to say the least we studied hard and fast. We covered a lot of materiel. OH ya, our teacher is named Alejandro. He is so cool, he really appears to be the nicest guy. Very soft spoken and friendly. We talked about the future tense. It was crazy I had never heard of it before. It wasn't too too hard, just a little weird. It was crazy to dive into new material after day one. I cant believe how much I feel like I have learned. San Jose is such an interesting city, it is very large, millions in fact, but the landscape is very very low, there are now highrises or sky scrapers. The city is very congested, tons of drivers and even more pedestrians. We live in a Barrio called Moravia in another area called Los Collegios. Its quite a nice area however, despite how nice the area EVERY building in the city is heavily protected, all the windows have bars on them. Our house has three armored gates. It takes like 10 minutes to enter our house. Pretty funny. Ill talk about food and cultural stuff tomorrow.

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Return of the blog, limited edition

Posted by Kyle and Randee! 6:15 PM

Well we here and boy was it a weird day. We left St. George at 1030 and arrived in LV at around 1115 because you gain an hour going into Nevada. We took the drive from the airport and got our first taste of San Jose driving, man oh man is it crazy, traffic laws, if they exist are not at all obeyed. People swerve, pass and do as they need to get where they are going, ironically, people here are super patient and rage driving doesn't happen. People are super kind and thoughtful. Pura Vida I suppose. Our family is super sweet there names are Eduardo y Alba. They are really helpful and fun. They try to only speak Spanish with us. Our roommates are from Texas. two sets of cousins. One set, Mike and Joseph are brothers and the other Richard and Clarissa are Bro and Sister.They are flippin sweet. We have hit it off great. I didn't sleep very well last night though. The new environment aka ITS FREAKIN HOT AND HUMID, really is throwing me off already. I feel sticky and nasty all the time. Hopefully Ill get used to it. Tonight's dinner was so good and I'm so excited to start school today. I have lots to say about the city and how interesting it is Ill get to that tomorrow.

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well here is a test

Posted by Kyle and Randee! , Monday, September 13, 2010 9:23 PM

This is s test to see how my camera phone takes pictures of food.
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Posted by Kyle and Randee! , Tuesday, June 8, 2010 1:16 PM

First of all that word is actually kind of hard to spell. Its tricky. So for that last year or so I have been working for a Telecommunications company called Ranger Communications. Its awesome! I really like it. Its not like your normal job. Its not even close to 9-5, the skill set required is really great to have. Its a really strange mix of construction-ess skills and technical skills, basically its a great mix of the physical and mental tasks. This post is not about my job however, its about what I have learned while on the job. We work at businesses. We go onsite and install and service BTS Phones for small or medium sized businesses. I have learned a lot about corporate America. What a terrible terrible place to be. Whoa. it makes me very sad. I have heard stories of the dreaded cubicle farms the burden of deadlines and not to mention wearing "business attire". I have to say however that the saddest thing I have seen is all the silliness that almost seems to fester in such setting. The bickering, the fighting,  the cutthroat dog eat dog mentality of corporate America. I have been privy to MANY conversations that I did not want to hear. Its almost wild. I laugh a lot at the stories I hear and shake my head even more. I have even seen yelling and near crying.
 So as I have spent a lot of time working amongst these "corpos" as they will be known from here on I have wondered, Why!? Why??? I don't understand why this exists. I have narrowed it down to a few possible reasons.
1. Human Nature of Movement and Exploration
3. Inner Frustration
I am going to explore each of these further in later posts. But what I would like to do now is to initiate an almost interactive blog. For those few of you who read this. I would Love to hear what you think about my 3 possible ideas and what you think could be other more viable reasons. Also if you have any experiences working for the man.

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Posted by Kyle and Randee! , Monday, March 29, 2010 9:49 PM

Okay. All I'm saying is that everyone once and a while you see an Image so mind bendingly awesome that you have to scream it from the rooftops. I love this little girl. I want her to be my pal. I want her to come to my house to sell cookies. Id spend like fifty bucks on cookies if this girl sold em. Man. I love this picture. Enjoy all.
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